Reflective Zoo Helkur must “Circulo”

Suurus: 55 mm diameeter. Kogupikkus ca 18 cm.

High-quality reflective badge to make you literally stand out from the crowd. Wear it with your favorite outfit, on your back-pack and actually, where ever you want.

The circulo comes with an easy-to-use carbine and a rubber band. The reflective film on this model is double sided to make it even more functional as a reflective accessory. The circulo is minimalistic style, thus making it perfect for everyday use.

It’s designed to look good everywhere and in addition, to make you visible in the dark.

Our badges are made of durable plexiglass and covered with tough, highly reflective and weather resistant reflective film ORALITE R5650RA to meet the ECE 104 D standard.