Miffy ja Kook


Adorable color-it-yourself Miffy with Cake. Use your imagination and create your own Miffy!

  • Size (height): 10cm
  • Package size / weight: 15cm x 24 cm x 2mm / 55 g
  • Material: Finnish, PEFC-certified birch plywood.

Made in Finland. Patented. Design: Anne Paso.

Lovi Watercolors packaged envelope size and easy to send as gift. Package includes 8 basic colors, a brush, and a color mixing guide.
You can buy and choose any Lovi animal or tree in natural wood and feel free to paint and decorate your very own Lovi creation!

  • Package size / weight: 15cm x 24cm x 1cm (envelope size!) / 55g
  • 8 Basic Water Colors
  • Brush
  • Mixing Guide
  • Eco & Child Friendly
  • Non-toxic ( CE certification )

 12.00  8.00

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