New Vintage by Kriss Kõrvarõngad türkiisiga Mini Hoops -20%


Small size turquoise hoop earrings with gold filled or 925 silver details.

The trends may come and go, but there are certain pieces that just seem to have our eternal love. Hoops are seen every season – sometimes bigger, sometimes smaller, sometimes outrageously blingy and other times completely minimalist. Here at NVBYK we like to wear and make pieces that would be considered trendy, cheeky and classic. I know we are picky! Oh, and we also test each design to make sure it is super wearable – meaning doesn’t drag your ears to the ground and can be comfortably worn all day and night long.

These hoops come in three sizes (Mini, Classic and XL or as we like to call it Larger Than Life) – do check out all the sizes and pick the one that fits best with your life.

Mini Hoops are for those of us, who like a little bling but don’t want the hassle of big hoops – just a nod to the Hoops trend is enough.

We know that pearls are the trendy choice, but we wanted to give you the option of making your own trends and so we are offering these hoops also in ocean blue turquoise.

Turquoise is known as a truth stone and it is believed to enhance communication. It is one of the oldest protection stones known to bring strength and connection to the spirit world.

All the details are either 925 silver or gold filled – so with proper love and care these dangly beauties will continue to shine for years to come.

All our jewellery comes gift wrapped in a beautiful signature box.

Stone: Turquoise
Material: 925 Silver/ Gold filled