Mauverien siidsall “blue watercolor”

Premium quality 100% twill silk scarf with hand rolled hem, weight 14mm

Size: 67 x 67 cm
Designed in Romania, ethically made in Italy
Mauverien original graphics printed with eco Oeko-Tex certified inks
Comes in a beautiful signature hard paper gift box
Technique: graphic painted in gouache colours, digitised for print
This floral silk scarf features vertical and horizontal light blue lines that cross over to create a grid over a rich purple base. The pastel shades of blue are then focused on an arrangement of flowers on the printed scarf, giving the illusion that light is naturally falling onto them. Created with gouache paint before being transformed into a digital print, the silk square scarf is extremely soft and smooth and made from premium silk twill. This silk scarf is an elegant addition to any outfit and will elevate any look.

Premium 100% Silk Twill 14mm
Dry clean only recommended