Make Heads Turn rinnamärk “Kimp”

Plants are the new flowers – monstera leaf, palmetto fan & banana leaf are far better than a dozen roses!


Are you headed to a date? Bring a bouquet! Even better, a bouquet pin of beautiful, luscious plants that will never fade away. Such a simple, yet beautiful way to show your beloved or yourself that this natural beauty should be never ending, and gifted without a special reason.


A perfect favor for grandmothers in love with their gardens, and nature lovers in cities to remind them of the wilderness, or even lovers who wish to show their never dying affection. Pin this to the collar of your sweater, or suit lapel, or even to the lapel of your coat.


COMPOSITION: Brass and Colorful Enamel
SIZE: H: 2.5 cm, W: 1.7 cm
BACKING: Butterfly Clutch
PACKAGING: A custom design card, perfect for gifting