Hetkinen organic cypress oil 5ml

Cupressus sempervirens

Brings calmness

The balsamic and slightly resinous scent of Cypress is fragile and delicate. The essential oil soothes and comforts the mind and supports nervous system. It gives space to listen one another, to be present.

Cypress is known for it’s abilities to ease anxiety and to bring balance and strenght. It can be especially comforting during the cold season.

Soil association organic certified.

The main components

The Cypress oil constitutes mainly of sesquiterpenes.



Sesquiterpene alcohols

The number of recognised  moleccules are  136 = 99,85% of total.

How it is made
The essential oil is distilled from the leaves and small branches.
Did you know?
All parts of Cypress from the stem to the cones and leaves carry essential oils.
How to & usage

Hetkinen drop diffuser, aroma theraphy

How to
Enjoy the countless scent nuances of the Finnish forest. Add a drop of essential oil  to the diffuser and enjoy the aromatherapeutic moment. Pine wood material keeps the scent clean and genuine. The scent disappears and evaporates from the wooden surface over time.

Dont use direct to your skin.