Behäppi pusle “Neptuun”

Hatchel Hard “Neptune” Puzzle has 49 unique pieces / It takes ~ 3 hours to complete

Our original Hatchel Hard Puzzle is now available in full color!

Building on the insane popularity of our original Behäppi puzzles, we have the newest addition to the puzzle family – unique, absolutely adorable and entertaining Puzzle Hatchel Hard “Neptune”.

Looking for a jigsaw puzzle challenge? Well, here it is, the advanced realm of interconnected geometric shapes when you attempt to solve this cool Neptune Puzzle.

This puzzle is hand crafted in Estonia from top quality FSC certified birch plywood sourced from Scandinavia.

The puzzle measures 20 x 20 cm and is 0,8 cm thick.

These complicated puzzles are a nightmare to solve. They make great conversation pieces and look amazing on a coffee table, just waiting for their next victim.

Behäppi puzzles are designed to challenge you while being fun at the same time.

So grab one and make your life fun. :-)