Understatement sündis soovist luua naistele naiste aluspesu. 2017. aastal Rootsi duo Marie Stolt ja Maria Lager asutatud Understatement otsustas muuta igapäevast vajadust, luues aluspesu, mis tundub seljas sama hea kui välja näeb. Alustades sellest, et vabaneda kõigest tüütust kraamist, mida poleks kunagi tohtinud aluspesu külge panna.bOleme siin selleks, et tunneksite end jõulisena, enesekindlana ja mugavalt.

Understatement was born from the desire to create women’s underwear for women. Founded in 2017 by Swedish duo Marie Stolt and Maria Lager, Understatement set out to change an everyday necessity by creating underwear that feels as good as it looks. Starting with getting rid of all the annoying stuff that never should have been put into underwear in the first place. In the joint effort of making every day a bit more exciting for as many women as we can. Boosting each other to live life, knowing that we can be whoever we want to be. We’re here to make you feel empowered, confident, and comfortable.