Parfüüm “Figueres” 15ml


Lithuanian artistic niche perfumery creator “FUMparFUM creative studio” self-ironically named one of the two of his fragrance collections „Alchemist Charlatan“. The nose Aistis Mickevičius satirizes in the theme of Lithuanian skepticism for indigenous creators. In this set he offers few professionally purified and refined fragrances, whose compositions are full of innovative synthetic molecules, masterfully combined with a soft touch of traditional perfumery essences. All fragrances from this collection have abstract, sophisticated minimalism in common.


FIGUERES – a town in Catalonia, Spain. Hometown of surrealism genius Salvador Dali. The word fig is encoded in the name of the town, and it‘s true – there‘s plenty of fig-trees in the region. The scent itself is an interpretation of acidulous, unripe and still ripening fig.

TOP: wild fig, grapefruit

HEART: hedione molecule

BASE: white amber, vanilla, ambergris, white musk



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